Start-Up Chile. Month 1

Solutions! Solutions! 

It’s been a little more than 1 month since we became a SUP family. We made some resolutions once we joined the Start-Up Chile program and now some solutions to our resolutions are live. And hey, we are moving even faster!

Yes, we acquired more corporate clients and did some partnerships.  But! What is more important for you is that we are making SkillGravity even better.

New video explainer is live. We think that would give you a better sense how to get more benefits from using SkillGravity.

What else? Now we have a new designer in our team. Thanks to Victor, he brought not only fresh ideas but also a fresh look to the platform. The new landing page is live!

And now we are working days and night on the SkillGravity redesign. Believe me, a redesigned version of SkillGravity will blow your minds!

And last, but not the least… A beautiful infographic about the demographic of your connections is live! Now you can see the detailed description of your connections from various social networks: what are the countries of their expertise, which languages they are speaking, in which areas people you know work. Don’t miss it out! Check your infographic now! The infographic is located on the right side of your profile page. 

infographic new


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