National Science Foundation I-Corps Regional 2014 Accelerator Program Completed

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The SkillGravity Team posted on 8/7/2014

National Science Foundation I-Corps Regional 2014 Accelerator Program Completed

As you might remember from our post a few weeks ago, SkillGravity got accepted into the Bay Area National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps accelerator program sponsored by the University of California Berkeley, Stanford and University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Originally there were over 20 teams who just like SkillGravity wanted to get the opportunity to gather not only feedback from their customers but also mentorship from some highly experienced educators in the fields of business and startups in general. Some of the teams, however, couldn’t take the pressure and decided to drop out of the accelerator which reduced the amount of startups to 18.

SkillGravity never gives up though! Our team conducted an overall of 111 interviews (!!!) over the course of 8 weeks with our customers as well as some influencers and specialists in the consulting, auditing and tech industries.

For 8 weeks all teams were encouraged to do customer development and also present the findings from the interviews in a presentation every Monday. This exciting ride of ours came to an end on July 28th when all teams had to present formally in Berkeley not only to the mentors but also in front of VCs (venture capitalists), investors and other prominent professionals. Each team was asked to record a 2-minute video highlighting the progress of each team on this journey.

Following the video was a 10-minute presentation diving deeper into the product itself, the modifications throughout the accelerator program and exhibiting next steps which will be crucial to SkillGravity’s future success.

We met some very ambitious and driven entrepreneurs at I-Corps and now we are determined more than ever to transform SkillGravity into the revolutionary platform we desire for it to be!


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