SkillGravity Conquering China!

blog picture ChinaThe SkillGravity Team posted on 6/24/2014

The SkillGravity team has had an eventful weekend!

On Sunday, June 22nd we attended Just Pitch It!, an initiative sponsored by EFactor, a social network dedicated specifically to helping entrepreneurs with the needed tools, marketing and mentorship needed to create a successful company . The event was hosted in San Francisco, CA and featured over ten investors from China who are members of YAILA (Young Angel Investor Leader’s Association).

A total of six very promising and talented tech startups had 20 minutes to present their companies and answer any and all questions the investors had. The “angels” were highly impressed with the solution SkillGravity is providing (and we have the pictures to prove it! J ) and the whole team is beyond excited to follow up on some of the fruitful conversations we had with them about our platform, revolutionizing the social networking industry and the growing power and influence of the emerging markets!

Stay tuned for more updates and news coming up shortly as we never stop working and put all of our time and energy into making SkillGravity the next big thing especially for YOU!

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