Today’s Facts: Networking Obstacles

InfographicThe SkillGravity Team posted on 3/17/2014

SkillGravity presents “Today’s Facts: Networking Obstacles”

Today we face many networking obstacles and this was the main reason behind the creation of SkillGravity. The excess of information and people we meet can be overwhelming, so using a tool that simplifies this process to the bone is a must.  These challenges of course don’t apply only to single individuals but also to professional communities, enterprises and mainly HR companies and staffing agencies.

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SkillGravity- the tool that can obtain the most value from your network

SkillGravityThe SkillGravity Team posted on 3/17/14

People… People everywhere… Yes, like it or not, we are all surrounded by people we have to communicate with- from the nanny, to the Safeway clerk, to the big shot Account Executive who has no idea who you are and you have to impress them in order to get that so desired promotion. How would you be sure, however, that that same Account Executive knows you and recognizes your existence? How many times have YOU been in a situation where you are 100% sure you will never forget someone you just met, put their business card in your pocket for it never to be thought of again?

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