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StartUp Chile Pitch Day is Today!

StartUp Chile Pitch Day is Today!

Pitch Day at Start-Up Chile is today and tomorrow!

It is truly exciting to be a part of this amazing community with the go off-scale level of smart industry shakers and world changers.

Our team just fascinated to see how many opportunities LatAm region provides to technology and innovative startups and entrepreneurs. Yes, it is a land of great opportunities.

SkillGravity will revile the progress we made during our half way through the Start-Up Chile program on stage tomorrow.

Stay tuned and Happy Monday!

Start-Up Chile. Month 1

Solutions! Solutions! 

It’s been a little more than 1 month since we became a SUP family. We made some resolutions once we joined the Start-Up Chile program and now some solutions to our resolutions are live. And hey, we are moving even faster!

Yes, we acquired more corporate clients and did some partnerships.  But! What is more important for you is that we are making SkillGravity even better.

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SkillGravity Start-Up Chile Journey. Week 1.


Both SkillGravity Co-Founders Alina Kharina and Alnur Ichshanov discovering Chile
Both SkillGravity Co-Founders Alina Kharina and Alnur Ichshanov discovering Chile

As promised – our week one report is here! The SkillGravity Team had a busy, exciting, emotional, and energetic week. Here are some of the highlights.

First of all, now we are officially Suppers!

Supper Generation 12
Start-Up Chile Generation 12

In order to make our stay legal in Chile, the first 2 days were quite bureaucratic. 

We went through the Chilean ID registration process, opened bank accounts and bought local phones.

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SkillGravity joined Start-Up Chile Gen 12

startup chileSkillGravity joined Start-Up Chile Generation 12

We are back.

One of the most exciting parts of our journey just started. On December 5th, 2014 SkillGravity project was selected among 2448 (!!!) applications to participate in the Start-Up Chile batch 12 accelerator program. Equity-free $20 million CLP, government support, tones and tones of resources and opportunities and 6 month in Santiago, Chile. (Read more about the Start-Up Chile here)

The decision was made: we are taking the chance.

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National Science Foundation I-Corps Regional 2014 Accelerator Program Completed

SG iCorps

The SkillGravity Team posted on 8/7/2014

National Science Foundation I-Corps Regional 2014 Accelerator Program Completed

As you might remember from our post a few weeks ago, SkillGravity got accepted into the Bay Area National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps accelerator program sponsored by the University of California Berkeley, Stanford and University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Originally there were over 20 teams who just like SkillGravity wanted to get the opportunity to gather not only feedback from their customers but also mentorship from some highly experienced educators in the fields of business and startups in general. Some of the teams, however, couldn’t take the pressure and decided to drop out of the accelerator which reduced the amount of startups to 18.

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